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#086: Peter Morgan about the Australian Wool Export Industry

Peter Morgan Wool Academy Podcast Guest

Peter Morgan is the Executive Director of the Australian Council of Wool Exporters & Processors and of the Private Treaty Wool Merchants of Australia. In this episode, Peter gives insights into the Australian wool export industry and shares stories from his life long career and achievements for the overall good of the wool industry. About Peter Morgan…

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#085 Rita Haselwander and Rasa Staneviciene from Garlita about flat wool knitting manufacturing

Rita and Rasa from Garlita on the Wool Academy Podcast

Garlita is a flat knitting company based in Lithuania with a vast experience in knitting wool garments. Together with their father, twin sisters Rita Haselwander and Rasa Stanevičienė have lead the company to success. The plant runs 24/7 and produces 1000 flat knitted pieces per week. In this episode Rita and Rasa explain the nature of their…

#084 Lorents Tvedt about the knitwear brand Dale of Norway

Lorents Tvedt on the Wool Academy Podcast

Lorents Tvedt is the Product Development Manager at the Norwegian wool knitwear brand Dale of Norway. In this episode Lorents tells the interesting story of how Dale of Norway was founded and how the brand transformed into the famous brand it is today. Lorents furthermore explains the development of the Norwegian sweater patterns and how the brand…

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#083 Adam Dawes about the wool industry on the Falkland Islands

Adam Dawes

Adam Dawes is the Senior Agriculture Advisor for the Falkland Islands Government. In his Wool Academy Podcast interview, Adam gives an introduction to the sheep and wool industry of the Falkland Islands. He gives insights into the benefits of the islands’ wool as well as the struggles and opportunities the industry faces. About Adam Dawes…

#082 Jacob Long about re-launching American Woolen

Jacob Long from American Woolen at Wool Academy Podcast

Jacob Long is the CEO of US based worsted and woolen weaving mill American Woolen. In this interview, Jacob tells the story how he brought the once biggest weaving mill of the United States back to life. Jacob shares the challenges he faced and the opportunities he sees for the company. About Jacob Long Jacob Harrison…

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#081 Osman Kilic about the hand knitting industry

Osman Kilic Ormo Wool Academy Podcast

Osman Kilic is the Executive Board Member of hand knitting yarn manufacturer Ormo. In this episode, Osman talks about the Ormo Group and how the business of hand knitting yarn works. Osman explains further how the hand knitting industry is set up and how trends influence hand knitting as a hobby. About Osman Kilic Osman…

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#080 Giovanni and Marco Schneider about building a global wool processing business

Giovanni and Marco Schneider Wool Academy Podcast

Giovanni and Marco Schneider are the leaders behind the wool processing company The Schneider Group. In this episode, father and son talk about what it means to run a family business.   About the Schneider Group The Schneider Group is a family-run, multinational company based in the south of Switzerland close to the Italian border.…

#079: Jo-Anne Bester about wool auctioneering

Jo-Anne Bester

Jo-Anne Bester is the first and so far only female wool auctioneer in South Africa. In this episode, Jo-Anne talks about how the South African wool auction actually works and what it takes to work in the auction room.   About Jo-Anne Bester Jo-Anne Bester is the daughter of Eric Naude, one of the two…

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#078: Jimmy Jackson about wool knitting manufacturing in China

Jimmy Jackson International Wool Consulting Group at the Wool Academy Podcast

Jimmy Jackson is a living legend in the wool industry. With a wool career of over 48 years in wool chemical processing, Jimmy Jackson combines knowledge and experience many companies seek out to have access to. In this Podcast Episode, Jimmy shares some of his knowledge on making wool machine washable and mercerizing wool. In addition,…

#077: Wolf Edmayr about the current situation of the South African wool industry

Wolf Edmayr Managing Director BKB on the Wool Academy Podcast

Wolf Edmayr is the Managing Director of South African based company BKB. BKB is the largest wool handler of the South African wool clip and service provider to South African wool and mohair growers. In this episode, Wolf Edmayr talks about the history and future of the BKB business and shares his perspectives on the…