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#051: Steve Ranford about wool research

Steve Ranford from AgResearch Wool Academy Podcast

Steve Ranford is a Senior Scientist at AgResearch. In this podcast interview, he is talking about the important environmental role wool has to play in today’s world and why it is therefore important to continue research about one of the oldest fibres in the world. Steve covers topics such as biopolymers, biodegradability, isotopes and specifications.…

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#050: Claudia Weiss about Don Baez Eco Chic

Claudia Weiss Montelan and Don Baez Eco Chic guest at Wool Academy Podcast

Claudia Weiss de Machado runs her own wool retail company by the name Don Baez Eco Chic. The brand sources only so-called grey wools from Uruguay and uses them undyed in their fashion and accessories products. All products are manufactured in Uruguay and sold online and through the Don Baez shop in Montevideo. In this interview,…

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#049: Dr Beverley Henry about Wool Life Cycle Assessment

Wool Live Cycle Assessment Beverley Henry Wool Academy Podcast

Insights from the expert on wool’s Life Cycle Assessment In this episode, Dr. Beverley Henry talks about why the opinions about the sustainability for fibres varies so much and how we can find common grounds through the method of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). She shares with us the latest findings on LCA research for wool and how…

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#048: Repost – Mac Bishop from Wool & Prince

Mac Bishop Wool & Prince Wool Academy Podcast 048

In this episode, Mac Bishop, founder and CEO of Wool & Prince talks about his business. The goal of Wool & Prince is to deliver durable long lasting apparel out of wool. Mac shares his experience on launching his business with the support of a Kickstarter campaign. For the Kickstarter campaign, Mac created a well-known video where he wore…

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#047: Nick Armentrout about the all American wool supply chain at Ramblers Way

Nick Armentrout Ramblers Way Wool Academy Podcast 47

Nick Armentrout is the Supply Chain Leader at US retail brand Ramblers Way. Majority of the Ramblers Way products are made out of wool, sourced directly from US based wool growers. In his interview, Nick explains the whole Ramblers Way supply chain from farm to shop. Nick talks in detail about the Ramblers Way target group…

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#046: Janne Strommen about wool’s important role at Devold of Norway

Janne Strommen Devold of Norway Wool Academy Podcast 046

Janne Strommen, Head of Marketing at Devold of Norway, talks about the company’s long relationship and history with wool. At the same time, Janne talks about the importance of not dwelling in history but instead constantly improving the product as well as the supply chain. She shares insights about the company’s new project called from Sheep…

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#045: Willy Gallia about growing organic wool in the wilderness of Patagonia

Willy Gallia Fuhrmann Wool Acacemy Podcast 45

Willy Gallia of Fuhrmann in Argentina gives insights about why and how the company committed to growing and processing organic wool in the wilderness of Patagonia. Besides feeling that it was the right thing to do, it took a long breath before this strategic step was also reflected in the bottom line for the wool…

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#044: Rita Kourlis Samuelson about the American Sheep Industry

Rita Kourlis Samuelson ASI Wool Academy Podcast 044

Summary Rita Kourlis Samuelson from the American Sheep Industry Association gives a detailed overview of the sheep and wool industry of the United States. She covers such as how to what is special about American wool, what products the wool goes primarily into and how the industry is set up. Rita also talks about some…

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#043: Silvia Gambi about wool recycling in Prato

Silvia Gambi Chamber of Commerce in Prato Wool Academy Podcast 043

Silvia Gambi from the Chamber of Commerce in Prato explains about the history of how Prato became the centre of recycled wool. Through constant innovation, the Prato region has developed itself into an expert for high quality and innovative recycled wool fabrics. She introduces the Cardato Brand Certification that retailers and brands can work use to…

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#042: Don Macdonald about growing wool in the Australian Outback

Don Macdonald Maconald Co Woolbrokers Wool Academy Podcast 042

Don Macdonald runs his own woolbroker company under the name Macdonald & Co. Woolbrokers in Dubbo in the Australian Outback. In this podcast episode, Don explains lots of details about wool growing under the harsh natural conditions in the Outback. He covers topics such as low rain falls, occasional floods, finding staff and overcoming long…

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