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#069 David Mitchell about getting Australian wool from farm to harbour

David Mitchell Wool Academy Podcast

David Mitchell is the National Wool Manager for AWH. The company handels about 50% of the Australian Wool Clip that goes to auction. In this episode, David explains the journey that wool goes on once it leaves the farm and before it is exported. About David Mitchell David Mitchell is relatively new to AWH Pty Ltd and…

#068 Chad North about launching a wool kerchief

Chad North from Northxnorth guest Wool Academy Podcast

Chad North is the founder of NorthxNorth. In this podcast interview, Chad explains how he came up with his product idea of a wool kerchief made out of merino wool. Chad shares his journey of finding the right fabric supplier, launching his business on Kickstarter and distribution channels. About Chad North Pairing his passion for…

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#067 Marion Tviland about the Norwegian wool industry

Marion Tviland from Norilia Guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

Marion Tviland is the Director Wool in Norilia in Norway. In this episode Marion talks about what is special about Norwegian wool and the Norwegian wool industry. Marion also has a strong background in Marketing and in this discussion she explains why it is so important to tell the wool story.   About Marion Tviland Marion…

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#066 Morten Dilling about selling wool underwear online

Morten Dilling Dilling Underwear guest on the Wool Academy Podcast

Morten Dilling is the 4th generation working in the family company Dilling Underwear based in Denmark. Dilling Underwear was founded in 1916 and has since then reinvented its business model to adapt to modern times. Morten talks about why he joined the company in 2009. He also explains how he turned the company into an eco-friendly vertical B2C…

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#065 Piercarlo Zedda explains how nothing gets wasted in the wool supply chain

Piercarlo Zedda Pantex SPA guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

Piercarlo Zedda is one of two Directors of the family-owned business Pantex SPA based in Biella in Italy. The company is specialised in importing fine raw wool and manufacturing the wool into tops and open tops. On this episode, Piercarlo explains the difference between the many wool products available before spinning and weaving. He gives insights…

#064: Nora Kuehner explains the key trends for wool

Nora Kuehner Wool Academy Podcast

Nora Kuehner is a well-known trend expert for the fashion and sportswear industry. In this podcast episode, she talks about how trends develop and what skills are needed to become a trends expert. She identifies the key trends for the wool industry. These include sustainability, fast fashion vs. slow fashion and including the customer into the supply…

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#063 Kurt Haselwander about the fascinating world of spinning wool

Kurt Haselwander Schoeller Spinning Group Wool Academy

Kurt Haselwander is the CEO of the Austrian based Schoeller Spinning Group. In this Wool Academy Podcast episode, Kurt talks about the company’s 170 year history and how it continued to adapt its strategy in order to be successful also in the 21st century. He explains the difficulties spinning companies based in Europe had to…

#062: Luke Hooke about wearing only wool for one year

Luke Hooke Wool Academy Podcast

Luke Hooke started the Campaign Year of Wool where he challenged himself to wear only wool clothing for one entire year. His goal is to proof the many benefits of wool and promote the fibre as well as its industry. In this podcast interview, Luke talks about how he came up with the idea, what…

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#061: Louis de Beer about the South African wool industry and communal farming

Louis de Beer 061 Wool Academy Podcast

Louis de Beer is the CEO of Cape Wools, an industry association representing the interests of the South African wool industry. In this episode, Louis gives insights into the South African wool industry and explains what makes South African merino wool special. Louis also tells the success story of local communal farming projects in the…

#060: Geoff Kingwill About Wool Growing in the Semi-desert

Geoff Kingwill Wool Academy Podcast

South African Wool Grower Geoff Kingwill, shares insights into what it is like to run sheep in the semi-desert of the Karoo. He explains how holistic management of sheep and land helps reverse desertification. Geoff also explains what all there is to achieve and gain when working together with all parts of the wool industry supply chain. Learn…

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