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#077: Wolf Edmayr about the current situation of the South African wool industry

Wolf Edmayr Managing Director BKB on the Wool Academy Podcast

Wolf Edmayr is the Managing Director of South African based company BKB. BKB is the largest wool handler of the South African wool clip and service provider to South African wool and mohair growers. In this episode, Wolf Edmayr talks about the history and future of the BKB business and shares his perspectives on the…

#076 Stephen Wiedemann about Wool Life Cycle Assessment

Stephen Wiedemann Guest on Wool Academy Podcast

Stephen Wiedemann is a leading expert on Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for livestock systems. In this podcast interview, he shares the latest research results on the LCA for wool. He gives details on research conducted on different areas of the wool supply chain including the manufacturing stage and consumer use stage. Stephen also talks about…

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#075 Ingun Klepp on how consumer research reveals new business opportunities for wool

Ingun Klepp Wool Academy Podcast

Ingun Klepp is a research professor at Consumer Research Norway, an institute at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Ingun is specialised in consumer research on sustainable textile, clothing, laundry and leisure consumption. In this episode, Ingun talks about the different findings she uncovered when studying wool in relation to consumer behaviour. In particular, Ingun studied…

#074 Peter Ackroyd on how buying wool products is an investment with a return on capital

Peter Ackroyd Wool Academy

Peter Ackroyd is the COO of the Campaign for Wool and the President of the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO). Peter shares insights about the start of the Campaign for Wool together with HRH The Prince of Wales and the latest campaign’s event. He also talks about provenance and wool’s environmental credentials providing value to retailers,…

#073 Tove Grane about her label We Norwegians

Tove Grane We Norwegians Wool Academy Podcast

Tove Grane is the founder and designer of the Norwegian wool label called We Norwegians. In this episode, Tove shares her story of how she started We Norwegians. Tove explains how wool has always been an important part of Norwegian heritage and how this is reflected in her collection.   About Tove Grane Tove Grane was…

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#072 Matthias Boehme about key markets for wool

Matthias Boehme is a guest on the Wool Academy Podcast

Matthias Boehme is a textile consultant and expert on a wide range of topics relevant to the wool industry. In in this episode, Matthias gives an outlook on the key markets for wool applications. These include the sports, outdoor and interior markets. Matthias also talks about the increased interest in traceability and sustainability schemes and…

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#071 Chris Kerston about building the world’s first regenerative wool supply chain

Chris Kerston Savory Institute Wool Academy Podcast

Chris Kerston is the Market Engagement and Public Outreach at the Savory Institute. In this episode, Chris introduces us to Allan Savory and the work of the Savory Institute. Chris explains how desertification happens and what role sheep and wool play to reverse desertification. You also get to learn details about the Land to Market…

#070 Mark Grave about the services of the Australian Wool Exchange

Mark Grave AWEX Guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

Mark Grave is the CEO of the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX), a key service provider to the Australian and International wool industry. Mark explains how AWEX supports the wool trade through educating wool classers, defining the wool auction rules and developing helpful tools such as the National Wool Declration and electronic RFID bales. In this interview,…

#069 David Mitchell about getting Australian wool from farm to harbour

David Mitchell Wool Academy Podcast

David Mitchell is the National Wool Manager for AWH. The company handels about 50% of the Australian Wool Clip that goes to auction. In this episode, David explains the journey that wool goes on once it leaves the farm and before it is exported. About David Mitchell David Mitchell is relatively new to AWH Pty Ltd and…

#068 Chad North about launching a wool kerchief

Chad North from Northxnorth guest Wool Academy Podcast

Chad North is the founder of NorthxNorth. In this podcast interview, Chad explains how he came up with his product idea of a wool kerchief made out of merino wool. Chad shares his journey of finding the right fabric supplier, launching his business on Kickstarter and distribution channels. About Chad North Pairing his passion for…

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