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#058: Chantel McAlister tells the truth about wool

Chantel McAlister Truth about Wool Tour at Wool Academy Podcast

Chantel McAlister is Australia’s only masterclasser and professional photographer. The fusion of her two careers has been the inspiration behind her national campaign, The Truth About Wool. In this episode, Chantel talks about her career in the wool industry, her love for wool, sheep, growers and photography and how she came up with the idea…

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#057: Andrew Cuccurullo is repositioning the Waverley Mills wool blanket

Andrew Cuccurullo from Waverley Mills on the wool Academy Podcast

Andrew Cuccurullo is the CEO of Waverley Mills in Tasmania. Waverley Mills is the last remaining woollen mill in Tasmania. The weaving mill produces woollen blankets. When Andrew invested into the company in 2016, the mill was in bad shape and in urgent need of a rebranding and repositioning of its products. Andrew shares the story…

#056: Victor Chesky is connecting the wool industry with his publications

Victor Chesky guest at Wool Academy Podcast

Victor Chesky is a lifelong wool industry journalist and publisher of  Wool2Yearn Global, Wool2Yarn China, Woolnews.net as well as woolbuy.net. Being an observer and documenter of the industry, Victor shares his insights into the industry in this episode. His work as a journalist also let him travel around the world and he talks about his most…

#055: Ben Watts about how automation is helping wool growers on farm

Ben Watts from Bralca at Wool Academy Podcast 055 1200x630

Ben Watts is a wool grower based in Australia who is using automation technology to help him run is farm more efficiently and more effectively. Drones, RFID tags or automated scales all help Ben look after his sheep, the farm, ensure the health of his stock and improve is production and therefore his overall business.…

#054: Stephen Russell about the textile recycling industry and market

Stephen Russell NIRI guest at Wool Academy Podcast

Professor Stephen Russell is an expert on textile recycling. In this episode, Stephen Russell teaches us the basics of textile recycling. He shares insights into the market for reuse and recycling of textiles as well as future technological developments in this area. Stephen highlights the importance of the consumer participating in the recycling supply chain…

#053: Isak Staats about how to efficiently handle 32 million kg of wool per year

Isak Staats BKB Wool Academy

Isak Staats is the General Manager for Wool and Mohair at BKB in South Africa. Isak talks about the services BKB offers to wool growers in South Africa. The company handels 32 million kilograms of wool per year. He explains how different technologies help to track the wool within the BKB warehouse. Further, Isak gives insights into…

#052: Gaspard Tiné-Berès about founding Lasso Shoes successfully

Lasso Shoes Gaspard Tine at Wool Academy Podcast

Gaspard Tiné-Berès is the founder of Lasso Shoes, a young startup based out of France. The first product was a felted wool slipper which the company successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2013. Gaspard talks about how he came up with the idea for the wool slipper and how the put together a very local supply chain. Gaspard explains…

#051: Steve Ranford about wool research

Steve Ranford from AgResearch Wool Academy Podcast

Steve Ranford is a Senior Scientist at AgResearch. In this podcast interview, he is talking about the important environmental role wool has to play in today’s world and why it is therefore important to continue research about one of the oldest fibres in the world. Steve covers topics such as biopolymers, biodegradability, isotopes and specifications.…

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#050: Claudia Weiss about Don Baez Eco Chic

Claudia Weiss Montelan and Don Baez Eco Chic guest at Wool Academy Podcast

Claudia Weiss de Machado runs her own wool retail company by the name Don Baez Eco Chic. The brand sources only so-called grey wools from Uruguay and uses them undyed in their fashion and accessories products. All products are manufactured in Uruguay and sold online and through the Don Baez shop in Montevideo. In this interview,…

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#049: Dr Beverley Henry about Wool Life Cycle Assessment

Wool Live Cycle Assessment Beverley Henry Wool Academy Podcast

Insights from the expert on wool’s Life Cycle Assessment In this episode, Dr. Beverley Henry talks about why the opinions about the sustainability for fibres varies so much and how we can find common grounds through the method of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). She shares with us the latest findings on LCA research for wool and how…

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