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#042: Don Macdonald about growing wool in the Australian Outback

Don Macdonald Maconald Co Woolbrokers Wool Academy Podcast 042

Don Macdonald runs his own woolbroker company under the name Macdonald & Co. Woolbrokers in Dubbo in the Australian Outback. In this podcast episode, Don explains lots of details about wool growing under the harsh natural conditions in the Outback. He covers topics such as low rain falls, occasional floods, finding staff and overcoming long…

#037: Richard Halliday explains how a merino stud operation works

Richard Halliday Callowie Episode Wool Academy Podcast 37

Richard Halliday is a dedicated wool grower and merino stud breeder. In addition, Richard is the current president of WoolProducers Australia, the national voice for wool growers in Australia. In this interview, Richard talks about his operation and his passion for wool. Richard takes the time to explain various sheep terms such as hogget or…

#029: Robert Ryan about the Australian wool industry

Robert Ryan Wool Academy Podcast 029

Robert Ryan holds various leading positions within the Australian Wool industry. In this episode, Robert explains the different activities and roles of the organisations he is leading which gives a great overview of the set up of the Australian wool industry.   About Robert Ryan Robert Ryan has 40 years of experience in the wool…

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