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#049: Dr Beverley Henry about Wool Life Cycle Assessment

Wool Live Cycle Assessment Beverley Henry Wool Academy Podcast

Insights from the expert on wool’s Life Cycle Assessment In this episode, Dr. Beverley Henry talks about why the opinions about the sustainability for fibres varies so much and how we can find common grounds through the method of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). She shares with us the latest findings on LCA research for wool and how…

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#043: Silvia Gambi about wool recycling in Prato

Silvia Gambi Chamber of Commerce in Prato Wool Academy Podcast 043

Silvia Gambi from the Chamber of Commerce in Prato explains about the history of how Prato became the centre of recycled wool. Through constant innovation, the Prato region has developed itself into an expert for high quality and innovative recycled wool fabrics. She introduces the Cardato Brand Certification that retailers and brands can work use to…

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#019: Lifecycler Kjersti Kviseth about the circular economy for textiles

Wool Academy Podcast Guest 019 Kjersti Kviseth from 2025 Design

In this episode, Life Cycle Design expert Kjersti Kviseth, talks about the importance of designing products with the 2nd and 3rd life of the product in mind. This is important in order to save resources and protect the environment. She explains how life cycle thinking today also known as the circular economy works and why…

#017: Angus Ireland about the latest wool research

Angus Ireland Wool Academy Podcast 017

Research insights on how wool helps improve eczema In this episode, Angus Ireland from the Woolmark Company,  speaks about the latest research happening in the area of health and wellness as well as wool’s environmental credentials. Angus talks about how super fine wool next to skin products improve the skin health of people suffering from…

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