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Richard Halliday is a dedicated wool grower and merino stud breeder. In addition, Richard is the current president of WoolProducers Australia, the national voice for wool growers in Australia. In this interview, Richard talks about his operation and his passion for wool. Richard takes the time to explain various sheep terms such as hogget or wether. As the President of WoolProducers Australia, Richard also introduces the organisation and shares his motivation to be serving the wool industry.

About Richard Halliday

Richard has worked in the wool industry all his life. Richard, Jacquie and their children Sarah, Angus and Thomas run the Callowie Poll Merino stud and commercial sheep flock. Their property is located in the south-east South Australia near Bordertown. Richard joins WoolProducers from Livestock SA’s Wool and Livestock Committee.

Connect with Richard Halliday here

Callowie Merino Stud website
Wool Producers Australia website

Key Time Stamps

[spp-timestamp time=”01:13″] What does Callowie mean?
[spp-timestamp time=”02:05″] About Richard Halliday
[spp-timestamp time=”05:47″] Richard describes his Callowie property
[spp-timestamp time=”08:44″] What is a merino stud farm?
[spp-timestamp time=”12:40″] Richard’s breeding objectives
[spp-timestamp time=”15:36″] Importance of marketing your wool operation
[spp-timestamp time=”16:20″] What is special about the Callowie sheep?
[spp-timestamp time=”17:41″] What to look out for in a ram
[spp-timestamp time=”19:28″] What is a ram sale like?
[spp-timestamp time=”21:34″] How to get a sheep to stand still for a photo?
[spp-timestamp time=”23:55″] Why sheep farmers only speak about their number of ewes.
[spp-timestamp time=”26:07″] What is a wether and a what a hogget?
[spp-timestamp time=”27:06″] What is the difference between dry sheep and lactating sheep?
[spp-timestamp time=”28:20″] About WoolProducers Australia
[spp-timestamp time=”31:53″] Favourite moment of Richart Halliday
[spp-timestamp time=”36:18″] How to connect with Richard and with WoolProducers Australia
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