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South African Wool Grower Geoff Kingwill, shares insights into what it is like to run sheep in the semi-desert of the Karoo. He explains how holistic management of sheep and land helps reverse desertification. Geoff also explains what all there is to achieve and gain when working together with all parts of the wool industry supply chain. Learn why there is never a typical day in the life of a wool grower, what the Geoff’s different income streams are and how nature is challenging him and his sheep.

About Geoff Kingwill

Geoff Kingwill is Chairman of the IWTO Sustainability Committee and serves on the Working Groups dealing with Animal Welfare and the Environmental Credentials of Wool. He runs a farm producing Merino sheep, Angora goats and beef cattle. Mr Kingwill is a past Chairman of both Cape Wools South Africa and the Western Cape branch of the National Wool Growers Association and is currently Vice Chairman of the board of  BKB, a Wool Broker Business.

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Key Time Stamps

[spp-timestamp time=”01:35″] Introduction
[spp-timestamp time=”02:14″] About Geoff Kingwill
[spp-timestamp time=”02:57″] Why Geoff went into farming
[spp-timestamp time=”04:59″] About Geoff’s farm
[spp-timestamp time=”05:59″] What do sheep eat in the Karoo being a cold semi-desert?
[spp-timestamp time=”07:22″] What does a typical day for Geoff look like?
[spp-timestamp time=”09:27″] Income streams of Geoff’s farm
[spp-timestamp time=”11:49″] What are the challenges of the wool growing business
[spp-timestamp time=”13:52″] Geoff’s motivation to engage himself within the international wool industry
[spp-timestamp time=”16:00″] Benefits of connecting with different members of the supply chain.
[spp-timestamp time=”18:36″] About holistic management.
[spp-timestamp time=”23:28″] Wind turbines as an additional income stream
[spp-timestamp time=”25:15″] What can the wool industry do to support wool growers.

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