I am Elisabeth and I help natural fibre industry businesses communicate successfully online.


I can help you with the development of your wool communications strategy and let your projects come to life.


Do you need to better understand your competitors or gain new insights about your customers? I can help you get this done.


Success comes with a good strategy. I can help you define your business, communications, online or content strategy.

Project Management

New projects are important to your business but you don’t necessarily have the time. I can help you get the project up and running.

Website Development

Do you need a new website but still have a headache from the last website? Don’t worry, I can help you modernise your website painlessly.

Writing and editing

A website is only valuabel if the content is fresh and current. I can write new content, blog posts and newsletters to keep your customers up to date of the great work you are doing.

Event Management

Do you have an upcoming event? I can help you organise your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event – from planning to implementation.


Learn about wool or hemp and other natural fibres in the Wool Academy Podcast or the Fibers at Work Podcast (by Sachsen-Leinen e.V.).

About me

I started working in the wool industry in 2011 when I joined the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) as a Communications Manager. Only 8 months later I became the youngest first female Secretary General of IWTO. This was the time and place where I developed my passion for wool and where I met so many wonderful people in the wool business.

Before joining the wool industry, I studied business communications and strategic fashion marketing in Berlin and London and worked for 3 years as a PR consultant in Duesseldorf helping international retail brands with their corporate communications.

In June 2016, it was time for a change and I started my own online communications consulting business as well as the Wool Academy Podcast all dedicated to reaching my client’s full potential and contributing to the success of the wool industry.

Since the beginning of 2021, I expanded into other natural fibres such as hemp.

Get in touch


Buterlandstrasse 133
48599 Gronau (Westf.)

How to reach me:

Mobile: + 49 171 3 55 55 43
Mail: evd@elisabethvandelden.com