Wool Academy Podcast

Nan Bray - White Gum WoolNan Bray - White Gum Wool

#126 Nan Bray about sheep nutrition and land conservation

Nan Bray is a sheep farmer in Tasmania where she runs her company…

#125 Sophie Holt about animal welfare on farm

Tom and Sophie Holt raise Dohne Merinos on their farm Coonong…
Nora and Victor Jelinek from Visual NarrativeVisual Narrative

#124 Nora and Viktor Jelinek about the value of story telling

Nora and Viktor Jelinek run a business by the name Visual Narrative.…
Dr. Paul Swan - AWEX - SustainawoolDr. Paul Swan

#123 Dr. Paul Swan about SustainaWool and the future of wool standards

Dr. Paul Swan is the Program Manager of the sustainability standard…
Cody Nicholson Stratton and Thomas Stratton from Foggy Bottom BoysFoggy Bottom Boys

#122 Cody Nicholson-Stratton about the Foggy Bottoms Boys

In this interview, Cody Nicholson-Stratton shares details about…
Kia Ora Australia

#121 Susan Finnigan from Kia Ora about ethical, sustainable and profitable wool production

Susan Finnigan together with her husband, son, and daughter-in-law…
Verrena Keller from know your stuffVerrena Keller from know your stuff

#120 Why Consumers Want to Know More – Verena Keller from know your stuff

Verena Keller is the Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Product…

#119 Sustainability and Business Strategy Go Hand in Hand – Ian Whiteford from Alex Begg

  https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/21b7eacb-24d1-48cc-8d75-a21d8001c831/119-audio-ian-whiteford-at-alex-begg.mp3   Ian…
Pam and Andre Christie-SmithPam and Andre Christie-Smith

#118 How to know if a sheep is happy – Pam and Andre Christie-Smith

  https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/b4f671f4-69b8-49ab-a2f1-e60c32cc641b/118-audio-file-pam-and-andre-christie-smith.mp3   Pam…
Mark Ferguson NextGenAgriMark Ferguson

#117 The Value of Improving Sheep Genetics – Mark Ferguson

  https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/9439abf6-f314-4981-b66f-ced746b6ecfd/117-mark-ferguson-audio-final.mp3   Mark…
Richard Daugherty from Balala StationRichard Daugherty from Balala Station

#116 Custodian of land and animals – Richard Daugherty

  https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/16dc94c7-3acc-4ba8-827d-b17e13d20df9/116-richard-daugherty.mp3   Richard…
Lesley PriorLesley Prior

#115 How Merino Sheep can Thrive in Europe – Lesley Prior

  https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/cfb55be6-90c8-4eb9-af82-288c9af409c8/115-lesley-prior-final-audio.mp3   Lesley…

#114 It is not over until it is over – Wool Textile Recycling

https://podcasts.captivate.fm/media/8f9c3636-0cde-4183-a035-24f2b2a09ae0/wool-academy-podcast-114-john-parkinson-audio-final-final.mp3 In…
Coarse wool product applicationsTone Skardal Tobiasson

#113 How to develop coarse wool product applications

In this Wool Academy Podcast episode, Sustainability Wool…
When Wool Prices CollapseElisabeth van Delden

#112 When Wool Prices Collapse

The Covid-19 pandemic has lead to a strong decrease of…

#111 Lean methodologies and the minimum viable product – our approach to starting Flock Wool

In this video, you can listen to Evan Thomsen and Elisabeth…
First Wool Collection - Flock WoolElisabeth van Delden

#110 First Wool Collection

In this Wool Academy Podcast Episode, you will learn how…
Albanian Sheep and WoolFlock Wool

#109 Albanian Sheep and Wool

  This podcast episode is all about getting to…
About the Albanian Wool IndustryFlock Wool

#108 About the Albanian Wool Industry

In this interview, Flock Wool CEO Evan Thomsen gives insights…
Covid-19 challenges a wool start upFlock Wool

#107 How Covid-19 challenges also a wool start up

In this interview, Flock Wool CEO Evan Thomsen talks about…
The Flock Wool TeamFlock Wool

#106 Who is Flock Wool?

  In this interview, CEO of Flock Wool, Evan Thomsen,…
Image of Ralf Kunert from NaturamusElisabeth van Delden

#105 Ralf Kunert from Naturamus about Organic Lanolin

  Ralf Kunert from Naturamus explains how he managed…
Monica Ebert Core Merino

#104 Monica Ebert about the outdoor apparel brand Core Merino

Monica Ebert is the International Brand Development Manager…
Yvar Monasch Best Wool Carpets

#103 Yvar Monasch about Best Wool Carpets

Yvar Monasch is the Managing Director at Best Wool Carpets,…
Luke Hooke Year of Wool

#102 Luke Hooke about his one year of wool experience

Over the course of one year, Luke Hooke wore only wool,…
Eric Bjergso Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers Limited

#101 Eric Bjergso about the Canadian Wool Industry

Eric Bjergso introduces us to the Canadian sheep and wool…
Elisabeth van Delden_square_webElisabeth van Delden

#100 Elisabeth van Delden about the Wool Academy Podcast

Celebrating episode 100 of the Wool Academy Podcast it…
Rebecca Burgess Fibershed

#099 Rebecca Burgess about the Fibershed

Rebecca Burgess introduces the Fibershed, a non-profit…
Gudrun and Gudrun Guest on the Wool Academy Podcast

#098 Gudrun Rógvadóttir about the Faroe Islands wool label Gudrun & Gudrun

Gudrun Rógvadóttir is the co-founder of the Faroe Island…
James Braszell Photography at Wool Academy Podcast

#097 James Braszell about life as a shearer and photographer

James Braszell is a full-time shearer based in Australia.…
Allan De Boos The Woolmark Company

#096: Allan De Boos about successful wool education

Allan De Boos has been working in the wool industry his…

#095 Yolanda Leask and Martin Brambley about Cloudwool

Yolanda Leask and Martin Brambley are the two young entrepreneurs…
Cobus Osthuizen

#094 Cobus Oosthuizen puts wool to test during a 250 km desert race

  Cobus Ooosthuizen has always wanted to bust…
Francesco Botto Reda and Rewoolution

#093: Francesco Botto Poala takes us behind the scenes of Reda 1865

Francesco Botto Poala is the Chief Operating Officer at…
Dave Maslen

#092: Dave Maslen about giving consumers a great wool experience

Dave Maslen introduces the New Zealand Merino Company in…
Ben Watts from Bralca at Wool Academy Podcast 055 1200x630

#091: Ben Watts about how automation is helping wool growers on farm

Ben Watts is a wool grower based in Australia who is using…
Derelee Potroz-Smith Woolchemy on the Wool Academy Podcast

#090 Derelee Potroz-Smith is turning wool into gold with Woolchemy

Derelee Potroz-Smith is the CEO and Co-founder of Woolchemy…
Evan Helle from Durckworth on the Wool Academy Podcast

#089 Evan Helle about his sheep to shelf brand Duckworth

Evan Helle is a fourth generation sheep rancher and co-founder…
John Roberts from The Woolmark Company at the Wool Academy Podcast

#088 John Roberts about the Woolmark Resource Centre

John Roberts is the General Manager Eastern Hemisphere…
Gerhard Schoppel from Schoppel Wolle at Wool Academy Podcast

#087 Gerhard Schoppel about the premium wool hand knitting yarn business

Gerhard Schoppel is the owner and creative mind behind…
Peter Morgan Wool Academy Podcast Guest

#086: Peter Morgan about the Australian Wool Export Industry

Peter Morgan is the Executive Director of the Australian…
Rita and Rasa from Garlita on the Wool Academy Podcast

#085 Rita Haselwander and Rasa Staneviciene from Garlita about flat wool knitting manufacturing

Garlita is a flat knitting company based in Lithuania with…
Lorents Tvedt on the Wool Academy Podcast

#084 Lorents Tvedt about the knitwear brand Dale of Norway

Lorents Tvedt is the Product Development Manager at the…
Adam Dawes

#083 Adam Dawes about the wool industry on the Falkland Islands

Adam Dawes is the Senior Agriculture Advisor for the Falkland…
Jacob Long from American Woolen at Wool Academy Podcast

#082 Jacob Long about re-launching American Woolen

Jacob Long is the CEO of US based worsted and woolen weaving…
Osman Kilic Ormo Wool Academy Podcast

#081 Osman Kilic about the hand knitting industry

Osman Kilic is the Executive Board Member of hand knitting…
Giovanni and Marco Schneider Wool Academy Podcast

#080 Giovanni and Marco Schneider about building a global wool processing business

Giovanni and Marco Schneider are the leaders behind the…
Jo-Anne Bester

#079: Jo-Anne Bester about wool auctioneering

Jo-Anne Bester is the first and so far only female wool…
Jimmy Jackson International Wool Consulting Group at the Wool Academy Podcast

#078: Jimmy Jackson about wool knitting manufacturing in China

Jimmy Jackson is a living legend in the wool industry.…
Wolf Edmayr Managing Director BKB on the Wool Academy Podcast

#077: Wolf Edmayr about the current situation of the South African wool industry

Wolf Edmayr is the Managing Director of South African based…
Stephen Wiedemann Guest on Wool Academy Podcast

#076 Stephen Wiedemann about Wool Life Cycle Assessment

Stephen Wiedemann is a leading expert on Life Cycle Assessments…
Ingun Klepp Wool Academy Podcast

#075 Ingun Klepp on how consumer research reveals new business opportunities for wool

Ingun Klepp is a research professor at Consumer Research…
Peter Ackroyd Wool Academy

#074 Peter Ackroyd on how buying wool products is an investment with a return on capital

Peter Ackroyd is the COO of the Campaign for Wool and the…
Tove Grane We Norwegians Wool Academy Podcast

#073 Tove Grane about her label We Norwegians

Tove Grane is the founder and designer of the Norwegian…
Matthias Boehme is a guest on the Wool Academy Podcast

#072 Matthias Boehme about key markets for wool

Matthias Boehme is a textile consultant and expert on a…
Chris Kerston Savory Institute Wool Academy Podcast

#071 Chris Kerston about building the world’s first regenerative wool supply chain

Chris Kerston is the Market Engagement and Public Outreach…
Mark Grave AWEX Guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

#070 Mark Grave about the services of the Australian Wool Exchange

Mark Grave is the CEO of the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX),…
David Mitchell Wool Academy Podcast

#069 David Mitchell about getting Australian wool from farm to harbour

David Mitchell is the National Wool Manager for AWH. The…
Chad North from Northxnorth guest Wool Academy Podcast

#068 Chad North about launching a wool kerchief

Chad North is the founder of NorthxNorth. In this podcast…
Marion Tviland from Norilia Guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

#067 Marion Tviland about the Norwegian wool industry

Marion Tviland is the Director Wool in Norilia in Norway.…
Morten Dilling Dilling Underwear guest on the Wool Academy Podcast

#066 Morten Dilling about selling wool underwear online

Morten Dilling is the 4th generation working in the family…
Piercarlo Zedda Pantex SPA guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

#065 Piercarlo Zedda explains how nothing gets wasted in the wool supply chain

Piercarlo Zedda is one of two Directors of the family-owned…
Nora Kuehner Wool Academy Podcast

#064: Nora Kuehner explains the key trends for wool

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Kurt Haselwander Schoeller Spinning Group Wool Academy

#063 Kurt Haselwander about the fascinating world of spinning wool

Kurt Haselwander is the CEO of the Austrian based Schoeller…
Luke Hooke Wool Academy Podcast

#062: Luke Hooke about wearing only wool for one year

Luke Hooke started the Campaign Year of Wool where he challenged…
Louis de Beer 061 Wool Academy Podcast

#061: Louis de Beer about the South African wool industry and communal farming

Louis de Beer is the CEO of Cape Wools, an industry association…
Geoff Kingwill Wool Academy Podcast

#060: Geoff Kingwill About Wool Growing in the Semi-desert

South African Wool Grower Geoff Kingwill, shares insights…
Cobus Oosthuizen guest at Wool Academy Podcast 059

#059 Cobus Oosthuizen puts wool to test during a 250 km desert race

Cobus Ooosthuizen has always wanted to bust advertisement…
Chantel McAlister Truth about Wool Tour at Wool Academy Podcast

#058: Chantel McAlister tells the truth about wool

Chantel McAlister is Australia’s only masterclasser and…
Andrew Cuccurullo from Waverley Mills on the wool Academy Podcast

#057: Andrew Cuccurullo is repositioning the Waverley Mills wool blanket

Andrew Cuccurullo is the CEO of Waverley Mills in Tasmania.…
Victor Chesky guest at Wool Academy Podcast

#056: Victor Chesky is connecting the wool industry with his publications

Victor Chesky is a lifelong wool industry journalist and…
Ben Watts from Bralca at Wool Academy Podcast 055 1200x630

#055: Ben Watts about how automation is helping wool growers on farm

Ben Watts is a wool grower based in Australia who is using…
Stephen Russell NIRI guest at Wool Academy Podcast

#054: Stephen Russell about the textile recycling industry and market

Professor Stephen Russell is an expert on textile recycling.…
Isak Staats BKB Wool Academy

#053: Isak Staats about how to efficiently handle 32 million kg of wool per year

Isak Staats is the General Manager for Wool and Mohair…
Lasso Shoes Gaspard Tine at Wool Academy Podcast

#052: Gaspard Tiné-Berès about founding Lasso Shoes successfully

Gaspard Tiné-Berès is the founder of Lasso Shoes, a young…
Steve Ranford from AgResearch Wool Academy Podcast

#051: Steve Ranford about wool research

  Steve Ranford is a Senior Scientist at AgResearch.…
Claudia Weiss Montelan and Don Baez Eco Chic guest at Wool Academy Podcast

#050: Claudia Weiss about Don Baez Eco Chic

Claudia Weiss de Machado runs her own wool retail company…
Wool Live Cycle Assessment Beverley Henry Wool Academy Podcast

#049: Dr Beverley Henry about Wool Life Cycle Assessment

Insights from the expert on wool's Life Cycle Assessment In…
Mac Bishop Wool & Prince Wool Academy Podcast 048

#048: Repost – Mac Bishop from Wool & Prince

In this episode, Mac Bishop, founder and CEO of Wool…
Nick Armentrout Ramblers Way Wool Academy Podcast 47

#047: Nick Armentrout about the all American wool supply chain at Ramblers Way

Nick Armentrout is the Supply Chain Leader at US retail…