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#027: IWTO Planet Wool Special

Wool Academy Podcast and Planet Wool

For one episode the Wool Academy podcast is being taken over by Planet Wool – a Podcast by the International Wool Textile Organisation. As thisĀ episode is launching on 3 May 2017, the 86th IWTO Congress is taking place in Harrogate, United Kingdom. The IWTO Congress offers 3 full days of excellent wool industry speakers and…

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#012: Galina Witting about wool shoe startup Baabuk

Galina Witting Co-founder of Baabuk

In this episode, Galina Witting, co-founder of Baabuk, talks about how she and her husband came up with the idea for their wool shoe label Baabuk. Galina shares the key challenges and learnings she had at Baabuk and how she manages the different aspects of her business including sourcing, e-commerce and social media. Baabuk also…

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