Lesley Prior

#002: UK wool grower Lesley Prior talks about the success she achieved through engagement along the supply chain

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UK based wool grower Lesley Prior of the sheep property Bowmont near Devon gives insights on how she created a successful wool operation with different sources of income streams through engagement along the supply chain.

About Lesley Prior from Tellenby Merino

Lesley Prior is a sheep farmer producing Superfine Merino wool and Mongolian grade Cashmere in the UK under the brand name Tellenby Merino. She has strong international links with other wool growers and regularly imports new genetics from Australia. Lesley is, together with a business partner in Australia, currently developing a new strain of Dual Purpose Merino with wide appeal to European growers.

A council member of the Campaign For Wool, she has broad experience of the industry from greasy fibre to finished garment.  She was recently invited to speak to the Australian Superfine Wool Growers Association Congress about marketing wool direct to retailers in Northern Europe.

Over the past few years Lesley has developed a Consultancy service and has worked in Afghanistan for the US Government and for a Growers Group in Switzerland. She has a unique knowledge of the supply and processing chain for both wool and cashmere and the particular challenges of marketing to Northern European consumers. She enjoys sharing her passion for the wool industry by creating new connections and business opportunities for people.

Connect with Lesley here

Website: https://www.tellenbymerino.com/

Rikki Beier from Ikki

#001: Rikki Beier talks about her wool baby wear start up Ikki Small But Brave

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Founder Rikki Beier launched her start up Ikki Small But Brave in 2014 bringing soft merino wool baby wear to the Chinese market. In this episodes she shares insights what it is like to be a start up in China.

About Rikki Beier

Ricci  Beier (born and raised in South Africa to German parents) is the founder of IKKI small but brave an infant/toddler brand making high end merino wool products for 0-4 year olds. Wool is Ricci’s passion. Coming from 3 generations of wool processing it was clear that she would herself want to pass on this passion.

With a degree in textile engineering from Germany, 7 years work experience in Biella Italy, the central for high end yarns and luxurious fabrics including wool and 8 years in China helping to build Indochino a company specializing in mens custom made suits, she decided to provide a solution for moms looking for certified quality product – a big need she felt had not yet been properly met in China. Wool was the natural answer because it has so many benefits.

IKKI was founded because Ricci wanted to do something meaningful that could have a positive impact on society and the way mothers and fathers make consumer choices. Giving back is at the core of the business model with a percentage of all sales going to children in need.

Connect with Rikki Beier here:

Website: http://www.ikki-online.com/en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IKKIsmallbutbrave

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IKKISbB

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ikki.global/