The 7 deadly PowerPoint mistakes that kill your presentation’s message

We have all experienced them – these badly prepared presentations at seminars and conferences that just don’t get their message across and only achieve the opposite of making us stop listening. I usually call it death by PowerPoint. I have sat through many seminars and conferences and witnessed many PowerPoint presentations – good ones and bad ones. That is how I noticed a pattern of typical mistakes that speakers make when they prepare their presentation. Here is a list of my top 7 mistakes we can all learn from and hopefully avoid them in our next presentation.

1. Starting to talk about yourself and your company
2. Too much text and no images
3. Too much data
4. Logo on every page
5. Use of too many flashy colours
6. Animations that make no sense
7. Too many slides

I have created this little PowerPoint presentation video to better understand each mistake. Just press play on the video.

Do these mistakes sound familiar to you? I am probably guilty of some of these mistakes myself. I remember a presentation where I did not check the audio and when the presentation was in pursuit each and every letter came shooting in with the sound of a machine gun while I was talking about world peace.
By avoiding these 7 mistakes, you will ensure that your messages gets across more effectively without the audience yawning at you.
Did I miss a deadly PowerPoint mistake? What kind of mistakes annoy you in a presentation? Write me a comment below, I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo Source: Unsplash (Mikael Kristenso)