Jen Hunter from Fernhill Farm for Wool Academy Podcast 25

#025: Jen Hunter is educating consumers by giving them the real farm experience

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Jen Hunter is a multi-passionate sheep farmer in the UK. At Fernhill Farm, she is building a business with multiple income streams based on the resources the farm provides her with. In this Wool Academy podcast episode, she shares her story on how she came to better understand the wool supply chain and how she implemented her knowledge in her business.

About Jen Hunter

Jen Hunter together with her husband Andy are the owner of Fernhill Farm in Somerset, UK. On the farm they run over 3000 head of sheep in addition to beef cows, pigs and growing their own vegetables. Every year Fernhill Farm welcomes 15.000 visitors for shearing competitions, weddings and festivals. Jen is also highly engaged in selling her wool and creating her own wool products.

Connect with Jen Hunter here

Fernhill Farm Website

Jen on LinkedIn

Jen’s presentation at the 2015 Nuffield Farming Conference, Belfast (27 November 2015) about ‘Wool: an ancient fibre with a resilient future’

Jen’s report from her wool study tour in 2014

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