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#040: Lorna Haigh tells the wool story successfully at Alternative Flooring

Lorna Haigh Alternative Flooring guest at Wool Academy Podcast

Lorna Haigh is an expert in marketing and design and brings a valuable perspective on how to market wool products and in particular wool carpets more successfully. In this episode, Lorna explains the importance of telling the story of the people growing and manufacturing wool products. The craftsmanship involved in wool is unique and worth…

#033: Philippa Wright always brings on new perspectives to be successful in wool

Wool Academy Podcast Philippa Wright of Wright Wool

Philippa Wright, Founder and Managing Director at Wright Wool, talks about running a wool broker business in New Zealand. Being one of the few women in a leading position within the industry she brings fresh perspectives and approaches to the business. Philippa talks about motivating young people to join the industry and how she uses…

#032: Jonas Sanders about his ‘merino wool only’ shop called Wollmeister Berlin

Wollmeister Berlin Jonas Sanders Wool Academy Guest

Jonas Sanders opened his merino wool only shop in May 2016 under the name Wollmeister Berlin. In his shop, Jonas is only selling a small number of merino wool fashion brands. With his long experience in retail, Jonas takes care to offer brands that not only perform well but also look stylish. In this Wool…

#031: Jonathan Dyson about the growing desire of consumers to know the story behind a product

Jonathan Dyson Twist Magazine 031 Wool Academy Podcast

Jonathan Dyson, the editor of Twist magazine, shares his views as a journalist on the wool industry. He explains how there is a growing desire for information of which most of that is driven by the consumer. Consumers want to know more about the story behind the product. This has the effect that brands and…

#018: Geoff Kingwill About Wool Growing in the Semi-desert

Geoff Kingwill Wool Academy Podcast episode 018

South African Wool Grower Geoff Kingwill, shares insights into what it is like to run sheep in the semi-desert of the Karoo. He explains how holistic management of sheep and land helps reverse desertification. Geoff also explains what all there is to achieve and gain when working together with all parts of the wool industry supply chain. Learn…

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