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#099 Rebecca Burgess about the Fibershed

Rebecca Burgess Fibershed

Rebecca Burgess introduces the Fibershed, a non-profit organization that explores and actively implements regional textile fiber and natural dye supply chains. In the interview, Rebecca explains how the idea for Fibershed developed and how it became an ever-growing self-sufficient community of wool growers, ranchers, designers, clothmakers and many more. She explains the concept of carbon…

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#098 Gudrun Rógvadóttir about the Faroe Islands wool label Gudrun and Gudrun

Gudrun and Gudrun Guest on the Wool Academy Podcast

Gudrun Rógvadóttir is the co-founder of the Faroe Island Knitwear label Gudrun and Gudrun. Together with the designer Gudrun Ludvig she started the label in 2000. Ever since the label grew to a well-known knitwear brand. In this podcast episode, Gudrun tells the story of how and why she started the label. She also introduces…

#097 James Braszell about life as a shearer and photographer

James Braszell Photography at Wool Academy Podcast

James Braszell is a full-time shearer based in Australia. James found a creative way of sharing his passion for his work and life in the shearing sheds through his photography. Every day while shearing, James captures unique moments of life in the shearing shed. In his Wool Academy Podcast interview, James shares insights into the work…

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#096: Allan De Boos about successful wool education

Allan De Boos The Woolmark Company

Allan De Boos has been working in the wool industry his whole career. As the Programme Manager responsible for the Woolmark Wool Education Course at tertiary level he shares his knowledge with the wool industry’s future designers and engineers. In this episode, he talks about the programme and explains the importance of educating students in…

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#095 Yolanda Leask and Martin Brambley about Cloudwool

Yolanda Leask and Martin Brombley Doppelhaus

Yolanda Leask and Martin Brambley are the two young entrepreneurs behind the company Doppelhaus. In this episode, the two fashion textile experts talk about their product Cloudwool. Cloudwool is a non-woven fabric made out of wool. Yolanda and Martin share how they came up for the idea of Cloudwool and what they are trying to…

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#094 Cobus Oosthuizen puts wool to test during a 250 km desert race

Cobus Osthuizen

Cobus Ooosthuizen has always wanted to bust advertisement claims and proof them wrong. That is also why he took on the wool industry to proof the outrages claims the industry was making about wool as false. These claims about wool included that wool was soft, durable, cool when it is hot, warm when it is cold, breathable,…

#093: Francesco Botto Poala takes us behind the scenes of Reda 1865

Francesco Botto Reda and Rewoolution

Francesco Botto Poala is the Chief Operating Officer at the well known vertically integrated weaving company Reda 1865. In this episode, Francesco talks about how the company strives for continued success through quality and innovation. Francesco explains that innovation means to be always willing to change and adapt in order to survive. Traceability, animal welfare…

#092: Dave Maslen about giving consumers a great wool experience

Dave Maslen

Dave Maslen introduces the New Zealand Merino Company in this Wool Academy Podcast interview. Dave explains the different benefits NZM offers to its wool growers, supply chain partners and brand retailers. He also talks about the research NZM conducted to better understand the environmental impacts of wool. Dave  is also an expert when it comes to…

#091: Ben Watts about how automation is helping wool growers on farm

Ben Watts from Bralca at Wool Academy Podcast 055 1200x630

Ben Watts is a wool grower based in Australia who is using automation technology to help him run is farm more efficiently and more effectively. Drones, RFID tags or automated scales all help Ben look after his sheep, the farm, ensure the health of his stock and improve is production and therefore his overall business.…

#090 Derelee Potroz-Smith is turning wool into gold with Woolchemy

Derelee Potroz-Smith Woolchemy on the Wool Academy Podcast

Derelee Potroz-Smith is the CEO and Co-founder of Woolchemy based in New Zealand. Woolchemy processes wool with its innovative neweZorb treatment to make it super-absorbent. In this Wool Academy podcast, Derelee tells the story of how she and her mother came up with the idea for Woolchemy and how she developed the business over the past 10 years.…