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#081 Osman Kilic about the hand knitting industry

Osman Kilic is the Executive Board Member of hand knitting yarn manufacturer Ormo. In this episode, Osman talks about the Ormo Group and how the business of hand knitting yarn works. Osman explains further how the hand knitting industry is set up and how trends influence hand knitting as a hobby. About Osman Kilic Osman […]

#076 Stephen Wiedemann about Wool Life Cycle Assessment

Stephen Wiedemann is a leading expert on Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for livestock systems. In this podcast interview, he shares the latest research results on the LCA for wool. He gives details on research conducted on different areas of the wool supply chain including the manufacturing stage and consumer use stage. Stephen also talks about […]

#075 Ingun Klepp on how consumer research reveals new business opportunities for wool

Ingun Klepp is a research professor at Consumer Research Norway, an institute at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Ingun is specialised in consumer research on sustainable textile, clothing, laundry and leisure consumption. In this episode, Ingun talks about the different findings she uncovered when studying wool in relation to consumer behaviour. In particular, Ingun studied […]