Ari Kuchar Video Producer for Wool Academy Podcast 24

#024: Ari Kuchar on telling wool stories through video

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In this episode, Video Producer Ari Kuchar shares his knowledge about telling stories through video. Ari talks about why video is the number one form of communications going forward and how wool industry businesses can benefit from video. In this episode, you will learn which videos you can record yourself and which ones you would require some outside help with. Last but not least he gives some valuable tips on how to film sheep in a compelling way.


About Ari Kuchar

Ari Kuchar is a Video Producer with over 10 years of experience. He has worked in the Motion Picture, Television and Online video spaces with some of the world’s biggest brands (Nickelodeon, National Geographic, The Woolmark Company) and has taken an active part in the evolution of video as it has traversed definition, dimension and medium.


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