Janne Strommen Devold of Norway Wool Academy Podcast 046

#046: Janne Strommen about wool’s important role at Devold of Norway

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Janne Strommen, Head of Marketing at Devold of Norway, talks about the company’s long relationship and history with wool. At the same time, Janne talks about the importance of not dwelling in history but instead constantly improving the product as well as the supply chain. She shares insights about the company’s new project called from Sheep to Shop. A traceability project linking the consumer directly to the wool grower. She also shares how the company is using social media as well as influencers to position Devold to the outdoor loving consumer.

About Janne Strommen

Janne Strømmen is the Head of Marketing at Devold of Norway since August 2015. At Devold she is managing the strategic development of the Devold brand domestic and internationally and has a key role in strategic projects. One of these projects is the further development of the Devold Quality Strategy (“From Sheep to Shop”) and the Devold innovation program.  Janne also oversees the development of all consumer communication concepts and leads the development of digital and social media channels.

Prior to joining Devold of Norway, Janne held a position as Global Brand Director at Stokke AS, building strong presence and awareness to the brand across Asia, Europe and the US, and establishing social media as one of the key communication channels internationally –creating a direct link from the brand to mothers searching for the best solutions to their newborn.

Janne Strommen studied Marketing and International business in Norway and Spain and holds an MBA in Strategic Brand Management from NHH, Norwegian School of Economics.

After years of studying and working in other countries and cities in Norway, she returned to her hometown Ålesund, on the west coast of Norway where she has her closest family. She spends all her spear time in the outdoors together with her partner and their friends, either snowboarding, mountaineering, skydiving or horseback riding, and they love traveling and experiencing the great outdoors of other places around the world.

Connect with Janne Strommen and Devold of Norway

Devold Sheep to Shop website

Devold of Norway Facebook page

Devold of Norway Instagram page


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