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#062: Luke Hooke about wearing only wool for one year

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Luke Hooke started the Campaign Year of Wool where he challenged himself to wear only wool clothing for one entire year. His goal is to proof the many benefits of wool and promote the fibre as well as its industry. In this podcast interview, Luke talks about how he came up with the idea, what wool items were hard to get a hold of and what his experience has been so far. He shares how he communicates about his experience online and on social media.

About Luke Hooke

Luke Hooke is the young Australian behind Year of Wool, a project promoting wool clothing and the wool industry. For 365 days Luke is wearing only wool and wool blend clothing to demonstrate the versatility and incredible natural qualities of wool and wool clothing. Having grown up on a wool growing farm in Victoria, Australia, Luke is now exploring the post farm-gate part of the wool industry, promoting the wonderful fibre that is wool while also learning more about the industry.

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