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#061: Louis de Beer about the South African wool industry and communal farming

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Louis de Beer is the CEO of Cape Wools, an industry association representing the interests of the South African wool industry. In this episode, Louis gives insights into the South African wool industry and explains what makes South African merino wool special. Louis also tells the success story of local communal farming projects in the Eastern Cape.

About Louis de Beer

Louis de Beer is the Chief Executive Officer of Cape Wools SA.  Prior to accepting the position at Cape Wools in 2011, Louis gained extensive managerial experience in the SA wine, fruit and fishing industries whilst living his passion for agriculture.

Cape Wools is the official industry representative organisation of the South African Wool Industry, and that represents the collective interests of the wool producers, wool buyers and processors, wool brokers and traders, small stock breeders, labour and the wool testing group. Cape Wools promotes the wool communities’ interests within South Africa and internationally in partnership with the other great wool producing nations of the world.

Louis currently serves as a council member of the Campaign for Wool and represents SA’s interests at International Wool Textile Organisation.

Connect with Louis here

Cape Wools South Africa website
Video about the communal farming project

Additional links

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Guideline I talked about in this episode.


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