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#104 Monica Ebert about the outdoor apparel brand Core Merino

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Monica Ebert is the International Brand Development Manager at BKB in South Africa. Part of Monica’s work portfolio is the company’s outdoor apparel brand Core Merino. In this episode, Monica talks about the opportunities and challenges of marketing a South African merino wool product.

About Monica Ebert

Monica Ebert is the International Brand Development Manager at BKB in South Africa. Her responsibilities include managing the companies clothing line Core Merino. Monica joined BKB in March of 2018 after living and working in the wool industry in New Zealand and the United States.

Monica’s passion for the wool industry stems from her lifelong involvement in the sheep industry having been born into a small purebred sheep operation in Kansas, USA. She received her Bachelor’s degrees in Apparel Design and Apparel Marketing from Kansas State University and completed her Master’s degree at Angelo State University where she focused her research efforts on sheep and wool production and apparel product development concentrating on the processing and manufacturing of wool into activewear garments. Through her research and the development of a supply chain entirely within the United States textile industry, she gained unique insights of the wool supply chain from “sheep to shop”.

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