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#103 Yvar Monasch about Best Wool Carpets

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Yvar Monasch is the Managing Director at Best Wool Carpets, a company based in the Netherlands. In this interview, Yvar shares insights about the tufting carpet industry and about Best Wool Carpets. As the company’s name already conveys, Best Wool Carpets is an advocate for wool and is constantly trying to find new ways to communicate the wool message.

About Yvar Monasch

Born (1970) and raised in The Netherlands Yvar has always been interested in the sales and production side of business.
During his study of general economics at the University of Amsterdam Yvar got in charge of a piano store on one of the canals in Amsterdam.
Yvar joined Best Wool Carpets in 1998, doing a management buyout in 2000 and since then running it together with a highly engaged team.
It is an everyday dedication trying to do things differently than others and to exceed expectations.
The three core values of Yvar are:
• Always deliver on one’s promise
• If you think you know; ask and if you know; act
• All the success and all the failures are a team effort


Connect with Yvar Monasch here

Website of Best Wool Carpets

Best Wool Carpets on Facebook and LinkedIn


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