Wool Academy Podcast

Janne Strommen Devold of Norway Wool Academy Podcast 046

#046: Janne Strommen about wool’s important role at Devold of Norway

Janne Strommen, Head of Marketing at Devold of Norway,…
Willy Gallia Fuhrmann Wool Acacemy Podcast 45

#045: Willy Gallia about growing organic wool in the wilderness of Patagonia

Willy Gallia of Fuhrmann in Argentina gives insights about…
Rita Kourlis Samuelson ASI Wool Academy Podcast 044

#044: Rita Kourlis Samuelson about the American Sheep Industry

Summary Rita Kourlis Samuelson from the American Sheep Industry…
Silvia Gambi Chamber of Commerce in Prato Wool Academy Podcast 043

#043: Silvia Gambi about wool recycling in Prato

Silvia Gambi from the Chamber of Commerce in Prato explains…
Don Macdonald Maconald Co Woolbrokers Wool Academy Podcast 042

#042: Don Macdonald about growing wool in the Australian Outback

Don Macdonald runs his own woolbroker company under the…
Graham Ormondroyd BioComposites Centre at Wool Academy Podcast

#041: Graham Ormondroyd about how wool improves indoor air quality

Graham Ormondroyd is originally a wood expert, yes wood…
Lorna Haigh Alternative Flooring guest at Wool Academy Podcast

#040: Lorna Haigh tells the wool story successfully at Alternative Flooring

Lorna Haigh is an expert in marketing and design and brings…
David Michell from Michell Wool and IO Merino at Wool Academy Podcast

#039: David Michell on building synergies by running two different wool businesses

David Michell shares insights about running two distinct…
Francesco Botto Reda and Rewoolution

#038: Francesco Botto Poala takes us behind the scenes of Reda 1865

Francesco Botto Poala is the Chief Operating Officer at…
Richard Halliday Callowie Episode Wool Academy Podcast 37

#037: Richard Halliday explains how a merino stud operation works

Richard Halliday is a dedicated wool grower and merino…
Dave Maslen from the New Zealand Merino Company as guest on the Wool Academy Podcast

#036: Dave Maslen about giving consumers a great wool experience

Dave Maslen introduces the New Zealand Merino Company in…
Michael Jackson AWTA guest at Wool Academy Podcast 035

#035: Michael Jackson from AWTA talks about wool testing

Michael Jackson is the Managing Director of AWTA, the Australian…
Wool Academy Podcast guest Louis de Beer of Cape Wools South Africa

#034: Louis de Beer about the South African wool industry and communal farming

Louis de Beer is the CEO of Cape Wools, an industry association…
Wool Academy Podcast Philippa Wright of Wright Wool

#033: Philippa Wright always brings on new perspectives to be successful in wool

Philippa Wright, Founder and Managing Director at Wright…
Wollmeister Berlin Jonas Sanders Wool Academy Guest

#032: Jonas Sanders about his ‘merino wool only’ shop called Wollmeister Berlin

Jonas Sanders opened his merino wool only shop in May 2016…
Jonathan Dyson Twist Magazine 031 Wool Academy Podcast

#031: Jonathan Dyson about the growing desire of consumers to know the story behind a product

Jonathan Dyson, the editor of Twist magazine, shares his…
Ingun Klepp Wool Academy Podcast

#030: Ingun Klepp on how consumer research reveals new business opportunities for wool

Ingun Klepp is a research professor at Consumer Research…
Robert Ryan Wool Academy Podcast 029

#029: Robert Ryan about the Australian wool industry

Robert Ryan holds various leading positions within the…
Pedro Otegui Lanas Trinidad at the Wool Academy Podcast

#028: Pedro Otegui about the wool industry in Uruguay

Pedro Otegui from wool combing mill Lanas Trinidad in…
Wool Academy Podcast and Planet Wool

#027: IWTO Planet Wool Special

For one episode the Wool Academy podcast is being taken over…
Debbie Luffman Finisterre Wool Academy Podcast

#026: Debbie Luffman shares Finisterre’s unique wool story

Debbie Luffman shares Finisterre’s love of wool and explains…
Jen Hunter from Fernhill Farm for Wool Academy Podcast 25

#025: Jen Hunter is educating consumers by giving them the real farm experience

Jen Hunter is a multi-passionate sheep farmer in the UK.…
Ari Kuchar Video Producer for Wool Academy Podcast 24

#024: Ari Kuchar on telling wool stories through video

In this episode, Video Producer Ari Kuchar shares his…
Interview with Goetz Giebel for Wool Academy Podcast Number 23

#023: Goetz Giebel on today’s challenges of yarn production and supply chain traceability

Goetz Giebel is a wool industry supply chain expert with…
Terry Townsend Cotton Analytics interview at the Wool Academy Podcast with Elisabeth van Delden

#022: Terry Townsend rectifies fake facts about growing natural fibres

In this episode, cotton expert Dr Terry Townsend talks…
Philip Attard at Wool Academy Podcast episode 21

#021: Philip Attard About Creating the Gostwyck Merino Brand

In this episode wool grower and entrepreneur Philip Attard…
Wool Academy Podcast Episode 20 Dalena White from IWTO

#020: Dalena White introduces the work of IWTO

In this episode, Dalena White, Secretary General of the…
Wool Academy Podcast Guest 019 Kjersti Kviseth from 2025 Design

#019: Lifecycler Kjersti Kviseth about the circular economy for textiles

In this episode, Life Cycle Design expert Kjersti Kviseth,…
Geoff Kingwill Wool Academy Podcast episode 018

#018: Geoff Kingwill About Wool Growing in the Semi-desert

South African Wool Grower Geoff Kingwill, shares insights…
Angus Ireland Wool Academy Podcast 017

#017: Angus Ireland about the latest wool research

Research insights on how wool helps improve eczema In this…
Chris Wilcox Wool Economics 101 Wool Academy Podcast

#016: Chris Wilcox explains the dynamics of the wool market

All you need to understand how the wool market works In…
Dr Beverley Henry Wool Academy Podcast 015

#015: Dr Beverley Henry explains wool’s Life Cycle Assessment

Insights from the expert on wool's Life Cycle Assessment In…
Monica Ebert Interview Wool Academy Podcast 014

#014: Monica Ebert on how to advance your career through the IWTO Young Professionals program

In this episode, Monica Ebert shares insights about her…
Malcolm Campbell Wool Academy Podcast #013
Galina Witting Co-founder of Baabuk

#012: Galina Witting about wool shoe startup Baabuk

In this episode, Galina Witting, co-founder of Baabuk,…
Wool Academy Podcast 011 with Roy Kettlewell

#011: Roy Kettlewell explains how finishing processes bring out the best in wool

In this episode, wool specialist Roy Kettlewell explains…
Rob Langtry on social media for the wool industry

#010: Rob Langtry on social media for the wool industry

In this episode Marketing and Communications strategist,…
Rob Langtry Interview Wool Academy Podcast

#009: Rob Langtry on strategic communications

In this episode Marketing and Communications strategist,…
Chris Tattersall from The Wool Room

#008: Chris Tattersall about selling a better night’s sleep with wool

In this episode, Managing Director of the Wool Room, Chris…
Wool Academy Podcast with Jo Dawson

#007: Jo Dawson on restructuring his wool family business for the future

In this episode, CEO Jo Dawson of H. Dawson shares his…
Andy Caughey

#006: Andy Caughey about how his Armadillo Merino shirts went to space

In this episode, Andy Caughey, Managing Director of Armadillo…
Mac Bishop Founder of Wool and Prince

#005: Mac Bishop shares his insights about starting Wool & Prince

In this episode we talk to Mac Bishop, founder and CEO…
Peter Ackroyd at the Wool Academy Podcast

#004: Peter Ackroyd on how buying wool products is an investment with a return on capital

In this episode, we talk to Peter Ackroyd who is the COO…
Tone Skardal Tobiasson

#003: Tone Skardal Tobiasson talks about wool’s opportunities in the quest against fast fashion

Design Destined for Trash vs. Wonderful to Wear - Journalist…
Lesley Prior
Rikki Beier from Ikki

#001: Rikki Beier talks about her wool baby wear start up Ikki Small But Brave

Founder Rikki Beier launched her start up Ikki Small But…