Piercarlo Zedda Pantex SPA guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

#065 Piercarlo Zedda explains how nothing gets wasted in the wool supply chain

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Piercarlo Zedda is one of two Directors of the family-owned business Pantex SPA based in Biella in Italy. The company is specialised in importing fine raw wool and manufacturing the wool into tops and open tops. On this episode, Piercarlo explains the difference between the many wool products available before spinning and weaving. He gives insights how the products are made and how they are used further down the supply chain. Amazingly, nothing in the wool supply chain gets wasted.

Being an active member of the Italian and International wool textile industry, Piercarlo talks about the importance of working together as an industry to create a better future for wool.

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About Piercarlo Zedda

Piercarlo Zedda is, together with his Brother Giovanni Zedda, the Director of the family-owned business Pantex SPA in Biella in Italy. The company sells scoured, carbonised wool as well as wool tops, open tops and noils. Already as a child, Piercarlo spent his time in the family wool warehouse learning about wool.

Today, Piercarlo is also the Vice President of the International Wool Textile Organisation and the President of the Italian Wool Trade Association.

Connect with Piercarlo Zedda here

Pantex website

Italian Wool Trade Association website

International Wool Textile Organisation website

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