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#069 David Mitchell about getting Australian wool from farm to harbour

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David Mitchell is the National Wool Manager for AWH. The company handels about 50% of the Australian Wool Clip that goes to auction. In this episode, David explains the journey that wool goes on once it leaves the farm and before it is exported.

About David Mitchell

David Mitchell is relatively new to AWH Pty Ltd and has wealth of Wool Industry experience and knowledge.

Originally a Wool Broker with Elders in the heady days of the ’80’s and 90’s Australian Wool Industry. Subsequently the Marketing Manager with the former BWK (Bremen Woll Kämmerei Germany) Australian subsidiary, Geelong Wool Combing Ltd, where he was heavily involved in top making and wool combing through to it’s closure in 2004.

In more recent times David enjoyed downstream manufacturing and wholesaling success with Godfrey Hirst Australia, being responsible for and overseeing the Wool Carpet Division.

Currently the National Wool Manager for AWH responsible for the receipt, preparation for sale by Auction, logistics and shipping for approx. 50% of the Australian Wool Clip that goes to Auction.

David also sits on the FAWO (Federation of Australian Wool Organisations) Excecutive representing AWH.

Connect with David Mitchell here

AWH website


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