Mark Grave AWEX Guest at the Wool Academy Podcast

#070 Mark Grave about the services of the Australian Wool Exchange

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Mark Grave is the CEO of the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX), a key service provider to the Australian and International wool industry. Mark explains how AWEX supports the wool trade through educating wool classers, defining the wool auction rules and developing helpful tools such as the National Wool Declration and electronic RFID bales. In this interview, it becomes apparent how many things are taken for granted, such as standardised wool packs, but without them trading wool would be pure chaos. Thanks to Mark Grave we get a better understanding of the importance of the work done for wool by AWEX.

About Mark Grave

Mark Grave is CEO of the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX), an independent not-for-profit service provider to the Australian wool industry. AWEX has been developing and maintaining industry standards and providing market information for nearly 25 years. AWEX standards include the wool classer Code of Practice for wool preparation, often regarded as the benchmark for industry best practice, the NWD-IP an integrity program supporting the NWD, piloting the electronic identification of wool bales and daily and weekly dynamic market information.
AWEX services are delivered from Farm to Exporter and are intended to provide value, transparency and integrity to the wool industry.

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