Andrew Cuccurullo from Waverley Mills on the wool Academy Podcast

#057: Andrew Cuccurullo is repositioning the Waverley Mills wool blanket

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Andrew Cuccurullo is the CEO of Waverley Mills in Tasmania. Waverley Mills is the last remaining woollen mill in Tasmania. The weaving mill produces woollen blankets. When Andrew invested into the company in 2016, the mill was in bad shape and in urgent need of a rebranding and repositioning of its products. Andrew shares the story of how he implemented the new marketing strategy. He even goes into detail about his social media strategy, photo and video shootings and product design.

About Andrew Cuccurullo

Andrew Cuccurullo has a history of clothing and knitwear manufacturing from the late 80’s-2000 working with Gowing Bros and many other retailers. Andrew was also involved with the surf label Insight.
From 2001 – 2014, Andrew worked in the cutting edge of digital technologies for 14 years through start-ups he founded. Currently, Andrew is CEO of Waverley Mills.

Andrew invested in Waverley Mills in April 2016 after seeing the potential of its products and its rich heritage. Since getting involved with the mill he has undertaken a rebranding and repositioning of its products in the marketplace.

Connect with Andrew Cuccurullo and Waverley Mills here:

Waverley Mills website
Waverley Mills on Instagram
Waverley Mills on Facebook
Get in contact directly at

Waverley Mills is doing a fundraising campaign, have a look here.


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